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Aside from being the undisputed leaders in swimming pool construction, a large portion of our activity centers around designing outdoor and indoor leisure spaces for both the residential and commercial market. Check out our pool design process.


Customising your pool style and design could never be easier thanks to the flexibility that concrete offers.


Majestic Pools & Landscapes is your one stop shop for all things pools and landscapes. We will manage every stage of the pool construction and landscaping to ensure everything ties in to create your perfect oasis.


One of our strengths as a leading pool builder is our ability to maintain an open mind to your requirements. It is with this that we can offer flexibility from design, tile selection, filtration, and more.


We are the most awarded pool builder in Brisbane with over 600 SPASA national and local awards. This represents the quality we strive for in every swimming pool and landscape package.

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We are quite literally the number one Brisbane pool builder! It's plain to see we aren't the average swimming pool construction company. Believe it or not, designing and building award winning pools is just a bi-product of being the nation's undisputed outdoor water and leisure experts. That means our passion and ethos encompasses so much more than just creating breathtaking backyards.

We know full well that the core of our business is creating lifestyle experiences for our customers, and not just building superior quality construction projects. The minute you start thinking that your swimming pool or outdoor project should just look "nice" and work "well", you have forgotten why you are investing your hard earned money in the first place. The key is to maximize every last cent.

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The owners of this stunning hilltop property in Brisbane wanted a new pool and surrounds that would transform the lower part of their garden into the ultimate outdoor entertaining area, take full advantage of the property's uninterrupted coastal views, and provide a pleasing outlook when viewed from inside their home.

Majestic Pool Builders in Brisbane ticked each of these boxes and more, far exceeding the owners' already high expectations.

An oasis! A luxurious pool designed like no other and a focal point that just can't be missed! Majestic Pools builder Brisbane have classed this pool in our mid range category in terms of costing and design. No thought was spared when it came to maximising on the space available whilst creating a relaxing center piece.

The bridge over the pool to the pool side chairs and decking is a great way to create that unique touch!

This project is particularly interesting and unique given the complete "wet edge" around 3 sides of the pool, and the imported materials used.

The client specified that the pool was to be built as a fully geometric interior (floor at pure right angles to wall), and imported Indonesian tiles to be used for the pool interior.

The most unique feature of the pool is that there is a well (and wet edge) on three sides of the pool which allows the pool to be constantly overflowing from three sides...


Purapool Freshwater System

No more sore eyes, and itchy skin thanks to the fresh water / mineral based water sanitisation solution by Purapool.

Waterco Filtration Equipment

Waterco are leaders in the Australian market for energy efficient pumps and quality filters to outlast year on year. All Waterco equipment is backed by industry leading warranty and support to give you piece of mind.

Sunlover Pool Heating

Are you looking for a reliable, efficient, and cost effective pool heating solution? Look no further. We offer the full range of Sunlover pool heaters to cater towards your specific swimming requirements.

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We offer the most diversity in pool design than any other pool builder.


If you are looking for a Brisbane pool builder that provides a personal touch you can count on us. We are committed to exceeding our customers expectations in providing nothing short of a customer focused approach. Right from the design phase, through construction, and handover of your swimming pool.

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