Glass & Class

This Glass and Glass pool was proudly built by Majestic Pool Builders Brisbane. The owners of this stunning hilltop property in Brisbane wanted a new pool and surrounds that would transform the lower part of their garden into the ultimate outdoor entertaining area, take full advantage of the property’s uninterrupted coastal views, and provide a pleasing outlook when viewed from inside their home.

Bridging The Gap

A tight space problem meant this pool needed a unique solution. The team at Majestic Pool Builders managed to achieve this by creating multiple levels in the pool design, which create a feeling of space and adventure in the backyard. The space available was a narrow sloping strip of land adjoining a council easement.

Indo Infusion

The most unique feature of the pool is that there is a well (and wet edge) on three sides of the pool which allows the pool to be constantly overflowing from three sides producing a “we cube” effect for the entire swimming pool. The lava stone was imported from Indonesia, reminiscent of the client’s many trips to Indonesia and the style of pools constructed in that region.

Natural Hideaway

Due to the site composition, there were only two possible locations on the block – the front yard which had very limited privacy, or at the rear of the property in a river causeway. Therefore the pool needed to be constructed 1.2m above ground level to eliminate the possibility of a washout during a flood.

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