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Maximise on usable space with Majestic Pools

An oasis! A luxurious pool designed like no other, and a focal point that just can’t be missed! Majestic Pools builder Brisbane have classed this pool in our mid-range category in terms of costing and design. No thought was spared when it came to maximising on the space available whilst creating a relaxing center piece.

Below is a snapshot of this pool as written in the Pool Showcase Magazinge 2009 about this Brisbane located Majestic Pool.

A tight space problem meant this pool needed a unique solution. The team at Majestic Pool Builders managed to achieve this by creating multiple levels in the pool design, which create a feeling of space and adventure in the backyard. The space available was a narrow sloping strip of land adjoining a council easement. With this visually interesting design, the area has been converted into a place of enjoyment and relaxation for the family. A timber bridge connects the house to the entrance of the pool as well as to a decked platform for relaxing or entertaining. The decked platform was placed next to the wet bar to create a resort style feeling.

The distance from the deck to the house allows the deck to exist as an independent entertainment area. Majestic Pools says creating a stand-alone entertainment space was at the top of the list. “We needed to create an area that would operate on its own rather than having a space where you need to to-and-fro between the house and the pool area. The space also had to be substantial as the owners entertain on a regular basis and it needed to match the design of the home so as not to be out of place with the style of the property.”

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