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Given the quality of work that we produce, along with the fact that we are the best pool builder in Brisbane, Majestic Pools is constantly featured in magazines and the media both nationally and internationally.

Browse through this section to see how our designs and workmanship is recognized as the industry benchmark for design, flare and workmanship quality. Here at Majestic Pools we also actively participate in local events and stay across all local and nations media releases regarding the pool construction industry. By keeping across the industry news we ensure we are always up to scratch with knowledge, and we keep in line with the latest trends. This keeps us ahead of any other pool builder in Brisbane. Check out below some of our magazine and media publications over the years! GET A QUOTE

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Our Publicantions

“When you are one of the biggest and most successful pool builders and outdoor designers in Queensland, it’s more than likely…” Outdoor Living 2010

“In my overseas travels (be that work or play), I get to see a lot of outdoor leisure
spaces; whether that be in person or in the vast amount of publications that I
routinely pick up on the way to keep abreast of “where we are at”…” ~ Graphic Publishing Magazines

“A new pool is quite a hefty financial commitment, so you want to get the absolute most out of your investment. Luckily, some great innovations…” ~ Improve My Home

“Sporting genuine gold leaf mosaic tiles that give the pool a pearlescent shimmer, this pool’s opulent interior was created using a truly customised process….” ~ Lifestyle Pools

“This pool offers great utilisation of the backyard space by effectively creating several levels built into a sloping block. Each level connects visually….” ~ Poolside Showcase

“Since the space that a garden occupies is three-dimensional, the starting
point of design is to get inside that space and create it from within.
Imagine being inside a piece of sculpture” ~ Queensland Homes