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This swimming pool design offers great utilisation of the backyard space by effectively creating several levels built into a sloping block. Each level connects visually and practically through the incredibly smart design.

The clients’ main requirement was for privacy and a retreat where they could relax in seclusion or entertain friends. They wanted the pool to be linked with the house both physically and visually, achieved through the use of a walkway bridge. An existing frangipani tree and lush gardens also had to be central features by the pool to further enhance the feeling of seclusion and privacy. Illumination of the area was important to achieve the perfect ambience.

We firmly believe our designers have a responsibility to remain conscious of environmental aspects and sustainability. Good pool design must be a living, breathing space which people can pass through. Over time, the design elements will infuse their consciousness in subtle ways. This is reflected in how the garden complements the pool as one. Majestic Pools always strives to add more value to a property with our designs, adding value that is above and beyond what was spent by the client. Many people underestimate the power of a well-designed and incorporated pool, the life-changing effects it can offer and the real value it can add to a home.

This project in particular has dramatically enhanced the clients’ lifestyle, with Majestic Pools’ extraordinary design continuing to inspire for years to come. Text adapted from Poolside Magazing 2010.

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