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Our Concrete Pool Construction Process

Majestic Pools & Landscapes Is Your Pool Construction Expert!

Although we are extremely well known for our design expertise, Majestic was built on one of the strongest and most professional Brisbane pool builder teams in the industry. Many companies try and boast that their construction teams, systems, quality control and project management are second to none, but our demonstrated excellence as the industry leader is incomparable. Most importantly, it’s proven by the awards that we have won.

Our sheer volume of pools produced (literally hundreds of magnificent construction projects per year) is a testament to this and we would have no chance of being where we are without the best construction teams at hand. What’s more is that because we complete so many pools, our ability to offer unsurpassed value for money is astounding. Our buying power is so strong that you simply won’t find better value for money with any other builder.

The process is streamlined, organised and professional from beginning to end, and with this type of product you can’t afford to spend your hard-earned money on anything else.


Designer Pool Builder?

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How Do We Build Your Swimming Pool?

Once you register your interest in a ‘Majestic Pool’, one of our award-winning designers will contact you to arrange for a convenient time to discuss your specific needs, site conditions and budget. All of our designers are skilled in exploring each and every aspect of your project, and matching your needs with your project budget. Free consultations, design exploration and costing are all part of our service to you.

Check out our pool design process to see the full extent of what’s involved in designing that perfect pool.

Once the design and budget have been finalised, one of our many experienced Project Managers is then allocated to your project to commence the excavation and the initial stages of your project. The process is then explained in detail to you, and the exciting process of construction begins.

One of the most important things that Majestic Pools prides itself on is Project Management of your work. A dedicated Project Manager is allocated to coordinate all major aspects of your project, and to make sure that our highest standard of progress and workmanship are maintained. Many companies think that either the owner of the company can just do it all, or even that a Project Manager is just surplus to a project, but we make sure that you have one main point of contact that knows your project intricately and most importantly has a vested interest in successful completion.

It’s not hard to know that if people have been working for a company for a long time, the ingredients must be right. Our staff turnover is almost non-existent and so many of our trades people have been with us for many years (many more than 10 years). This is a testament to two things; firstly that we are confident of their extremely high standard of workmanship, and secondly that they have the same ethos as we do when it comes service and superior quality. We also engage the best pool plumbers thanks to Dial A Pool Plumber who are experts in all thing pool plumbing and filtration. 

Our first class and experienced team of support staff are always on hand to assist in the day-to-day aspects of your projects progress. We are always on hand to guide with where to go for products selections, what’s happening next on your project, how far away materials are from arriving etc. Our extremely multi-tasked back office knows every aspect of our business, and backing up the construction teams and keeping the ball rolling smoothly is what the support staff live and breathe.

When the project is close to completion, your pool is professionally started up by experienced pool care and maintenance staff. This team then ‘fires up’ your new pool, and meticulously guides you through each and every aspect of your project, and the responsibilities of owning a new pool. Any issues to be addressed at this stage are documented and rectified.

All products require after sales service and this is one area where Majestic Pools stands out from the rest. Our systems we have in place for advice on your new pool, and any possible warranty claims are always on hand to process anything you are unsure about. We know full well that a positive ongoing relationship is the only way to guaranteeing that you will tell your family and friends about us.