Our team of Brisbane pool design experts will custom design your unique swimming pool.


Are you after that Brisbane pool builder who takes the time to understand your specific needs to create an elegant, stylish, and unique swimming pool design? You’ve come to the right place!

Aside from being the undisputed leaders in swimming pool construction, a large portion of our activity centers around designing outdoor and indoor leisure spaces for both the residential and commercial market, both in Australia and Worldwide.

From simple residential water features, residential swimming pools and landscaping projects, to large outdoor leisure areas in hotels or even private health retreats, Majestic Pools has the largest and most experienced specialist water and leisure design team in the industry. While architects can be great at mapping out a project generally, it makes so much more sense to employ a specialist team dedicated to water and outdoor leisure spaces; people who are Brisbane pool builder specialists in knowing how people use their outdoor leisure places.

Our involvement can be as simple (i.e. mere concept design) or as elaborate as your project requires (i.e. full specification and project management). Check out our swimming pool design process below, along with some stunningly designed and finished swimming pool images. Spark your imagination and let it run wild with Majestic Pools and Landscapes!


This process can be either in person or by providing one of our designers with site plans, contours and a basic ‘wish list’ of facets you would like to achieve. We discuss all the possible uses of the space, the potential users, their ages, lifestyle wishes etc. and get a feel for the environment that you are trying to create for your project.

Once we have an idea of your direction and expectations, we prepare an initial concept plan and illustrative way to show you our thoughts and suggestions the space. We will discuss the pro’s and con’s of the initial design with you, take suggestions and discuss with you all considerations from budget to more specific features we have considered as part of our internal design process.

When the final concept plan and detail has been finalized based on stage 2 consultation, we will present you with a full color illustrative presentation (including a scale model depending on the scope of the project) which will enable a Construction Manager to gauge our design intentions in detail. Depending on the project, we can include a list of product and material suggestions that should best achieve the concept we envisage. The concept plans can also include recommendations for plant species etc.

Where detailed specification is necessary, we can formulate a cost estimate of the final design by sourcing general costings, and formulating a detailed & itemised budget for components of the project. Technical specifications are most often necessary where a 3rd party builder will be carrying out the work, and a detailed bill of materials and specifications can be generated to aid in the process of construction.

Depending on the project’s size & complexity, we can provide staged visitation/consultation throughout the construction process (i.e. at a number of critical stages of progress), or even full oversight and Project Management of the entire project. We recommend that either of the two examples is taken up in order to ensure that the designed concept comes to fruition in the way intended by the designer. If necessary, we can also administer your tendering process for either components of the work, or the entire project.


Feature Pools

Tropical Swimming Pool & Pool House

A private tropical holiday retreat with a pool house! It has that beachy holiday feel about it! This is exactly what this homeowner wanted to achieve. As leading Brisbane pool builders we provided just that. The natural timber decking has elegantly combined both the garden and landscape area as one with the swimming pool and pool house being the focal point.

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Full Concept Pools

Entertainers Retreat

Our team of designers exceeded this clients expectations with a designer pool, architecturally designed landscapes, and a luxurious entertainment area all tied in as one.

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Feature Pools

Swimming Pool & Golf Green

A swimming pool with a Gold Green! How could you have it any other way? Built by Majestic Pool builders Brisbane this swimming pool and landscaping design was one we were excited about when our client first provided us with their swimming pool design ideas, and we made it happen!

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Built by Majestic pool builders Brisbane and Gold Coast, this pool and spa combo is free form in design
Mid Range Pools

Clean and Freeform Pool in Brisbane

This clean and elegant freeform swimming pool was built to create that clean modern, stylish, and sleek look and feel. It’s a look that our team of pool builders on the Gold Coast and Brisbane are often asked to replicate! This swimming pool has achieved just that with clean edges and even waterline tile. The waterline tiles on this pool have added that element of class as it flows on into the spa to create that focal point.

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Basic Pools

Enviro Cottage

Built by Majestic Pools & Landscapes in Spring Hill, Brisbane. This swimming pool and landscaping design is second to none as it seamlessly flows in with the house design and core features. The selection of tiles and attention to detail creates an elegant sophisticated look and feel against the bamboo and garden lights at night.

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Feature Pools

Treatment to Geometry

This isn’t your ordinary pool design. This is a full concept swimming pool which we have named ‘Treatment to Geometry’ because of all the edges and detail involved in creating not only a pool, but also a separate water feature.

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