Pool Price Guide

How much does a swimming pool cost in Brisbane or the Gold Coast? Good question!

Researching and buying a pool in Brisbane or the Gold Coast can be confusing at the best of times, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Part of the unfortunate problem is that many Swimming Pool Companies use “bait & switch advertising”, omit inclusions/exclusions, or simply confuse the process with details that make you think a whole project can be achieved for unrealistic amounts. For sure, anyone can build a basic shell, coping, interior and equipment for under $30,000, but that’s not what you’ll end up spending on the overall project and its surrounds. Our “Price Guides” cut to the truth by being honest and transparent, so you’re fully aware of how much to allocate, whether or not you choose to do just the pool with us.

Often people fall into the trap of thinking that they are getting the same pool for less money, but end up spending just as much (if not more) when it’s all too late. It’s just not worth taking the risk with such an important investment in your family & lifestyle.

Something uniquely Majestic is that we design to any budget; whether it be a basic pool or something more elaborate to match the home and surrounds. You see, concrete is concrete no matter where you buy it; but what’s important is how you design & shape it, & how the project fits together as a true lifestyle change; not the technical details that people often focus on.

Other companies don’t like to admit it, but the truth is that most pool companies are about the same price; if an identical pool/project is being built. That said, identical comparisons are impossible as most pool company’s pools and processes are so different to each other, and a lot of what we do that’s different can’t be seen in comparison quotes.

Put honestly, price differences in our industry only happen when there’s differences in product & process; and differences between proposals aren’t obvious without keen industry knowledge. That’s why working out which company you decide to trust in your backyard is really the main decision you should be spending your time on. Price & design will fall into place if you do diligent research, and choose proven credibility & history over price.

If someone tries to sell you a pool without properly understanding your site & specific needs, show them the door - it’s just not worth the risk. We look forward helping produce a solution that you and your family will value for years to come!

Check out our pricing guides below, otherwise contact our Majestic Pools team for an on site measure and quote.