Solid Gold

Project Description

Opulence And Design Like None Other

Sporting genuine gold leaf mosaic tiles that give the swimming pool a pearlescent shimmer, this pool’s opulent interior was created using a truly customised process. We randomly removed three to five tiles per sheet and then replaced them with glass mosaic tiles that contain real gold leaf baked between two layers of glass. For want of a better description, it looks like someone dropped gold coins all over the pool floor! The pool’s floor has this incredible pearlescent shimmer that is absolutely captivating at night.

Additional design features include a fully tiled feature wall, two waterspouts, and an acrylic panel that acts as the pool’s structural end wall. The latter allows swimmers to see out while creating a stunning feature for people looking in. What’s just as impressive is the fact that both the villas and the pool were constructed with the same basic technique and materials used in ancient Rome. This harks back to the days when they used poured, polished concrete as opposed to block work.

Add quality glass mosaics, gold leaf and other opulent materials and you have a contemporary swimming pool inspired by a culture responsible for designing the first public bath houses.

Text adapted from our feature in Lifestyle Pools Magazine 2010.

Concrete Pool Project Details

Year Built: 2019

Timeframe: 16 weeks

Main Service: Swimming Pool

Extra Service: Pool Surrounds, Landscaping, Lighting, Fencing, Glass Fence, Unique Custom Designed Water Feature

Location: Brisbane, QLD

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