Full Concept Pool Designs

All of these full concept pool designs have been build by Majestic Pool Builders Brisbane. The swimming pool projects contained in this section is what we consider “full concept” or “total backyard” solutions.

They typically involve heavy design input integrating the home with the outdoor entertainment space, shaded areas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, spas and recreational areas. Most often, these projects incorporate a total outdoor lifestyle change, and incorporate most (if not all) of the aspects of total outdoor lifestyle design.

Whilst these types of projects are likely of high dollar value, they remain in proportion to the value of the property. This is something we import into all projects no matter what the budget, and we consistently advise that an owner should spend in the vicinity of 10-15% of the property value outside the home. Any less will look and feel “un-finished”, and anything more may be overcapitalising.

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True Bush-Rock Craftsmanship

Bring the outback straight to your house with this beautifully…

Solid Gold

Opulence and design like none other.

Lush & Luxe

Luxury swimming pool at its absolute finest!

Treatment to Geometry

Edges and detail taken to a whole new level.