Mid Range Pool Designs

The Majestic swimming pool projects contained in this mid range section is what we consider “mid price-range”, or are of “medium construction complexity”.

Projects like these do include “full concept” backyard designs, and provide a significant outdoor lifestyle to the owners. They are most often incorporated to suit mid-range residential properties, and owners who are keen to add a definite attraction value to their property.

These types of projects leave minimal aspects of the project to the owner, with most aspects being covered by Majestic; often including hard & soft landscaping, decking, feature walls, retaining walls, water features, gazebos etc.

Natural Hideaway

A secluded getaway!

Indo Infusion

First class in pool design!

Bridging the Gap

Maximise on usable space with Majestic Pools!

Glass & Class

Elegance at its finest!