Install an above ground pool in Brisbane or the Gold Coast

Let us guess, you have always wanted a pool for your backyard, but you thought it would be impossible or too expensive. You may be able to have the pool you’ve always wanted with our free-standing pools. MajesticPools can help you find the ideal above-ground pool to complement your Brisbane or Gold Coast home.

Why Choose Majestic Pools to build your above-ground pools?

Our team at Majestic Pools was are well established as experts in the field of above ground pools in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  With years of experience installing above-ground pools of which we have received some pretty prestigious SPASA awards for over the years. We have many styles to choose from, so no matter if you are looking to build a pool in your home or hotel, there is a style that will suit your needs.  Our ultimate goal is to increase the value of your property and add an aesthetic feature that your family and friends can enjoy.

Above-ground pools in Brisbane are very versatile in design. They can be installed in many different ways, unlike in-ground swimming pools. They can be used as extensions to your patio if you live on a slope. The can also be installed to provide a luxury ininity edge style.


Designer Pool Builder?

Schedule a consultation with our Brisbane or Gold Coast team of swimming pool builders today. 

What are the advantages of installing above ground pools?

An above-ground pool has the advantage of being installed directly on your property. This allows you to have more input into the process. Above ground pools can be used to overcome steep terrains and other obstacles that could otherwise pose a problem during construction. Above-ground pools can be customised to your specifications, including the choice of materials and other details.

The best thing about owning an above-ground pool is the fact that it is easy to install. Depending on your backyard layout, we may not have to dig retaining walls or build them. Because the pool is lifted from your ground, there simply may be no need for us to do so. This saves time and money so you can enjoy your new pool faster.

High Quality Finishes

Majestic Pools, an accredited above-ground pool contractor in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is an award-winning company. We have been able to work with many homeowners across southeast Queensland and can attest our superior customer service, superior designs, and successful construction projects. We are eager to help you create the aquatic paradise you have always dreamed of and make your dreams come true.

Ready to get started with a design consultation?

We’d love for you to contact our team of pool builders if you have any questions about our services. We can also do a variety of other installations using concrete so that your final product is exactly what you want.

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