Swimming Pool Types and Accessories

Imagine summer living with a swimming pool that you can relax in and cool off. Our team of pool builders in Brisbane will build you your summer dream pool. We are going to show you some pool styles that will help you realize your summer dreams. We will also share essential accessories that will complement your backyard pool.

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete is a versatile and flexible pool construction material. Concrete can be customized with lighting and custom-designed edges. You can also have steps and benches that match your entertainment style. You can transform the look of your home’s entertainment or recreational space depending on what you want.

Infinity Edge

Infinity edges pools add luxury appeal to modern homes. These pools are most commonly found on the Gold Coast, where you can enjoy breathtaking views. To enhance the views, an infinity edge pool will allow for endless water flow.

Resort Style

How many times have your holiday been filled with the tranquility and peace of a luxurious pool and surrounding landscape? You will be able to see that the pool is connected with the surrounding areas.

Our pool builders are available to assist you in creating a luxurious pool with landscaped surrounds that tie it all together with your entertainment area. To tie it all together, we recommend using similar elements in the pool and entertainment area. To help bring the spaces together, you can use a similar surround tile for your coping. You might also consider the following additions, which are often found in resort-style swimming pools.

  • Lighting the plants and gardens around them
  • Interior fully tiled pool
  • Water feature with custom lighting
  • Ledge Loungers

Quality Ledge loungers make a great addition to any pool. Ledge loungers are designed to sit in the water’s shallower part of the pool. This allows you to remain partially cool while you relax and enjoy the sun, wine, or book.

Basic Backyard Plunge Pool

Do you want simplicity in your pool design? Perhaps you are looking for something simple to allow the children to cool off. Majestic Pools has the solution for you. A simple 6 x 4 or an 8 x 5 pool can be created to create a beautiful yet affordable solution. We can also provide simple options if you’re looking for a cost-effective pool. A 600×400 coping tile, pebblecrete floor-to-wall interior, and standard filtration equipment are just a few of the inclusions you can expect. A 6×4 rectangular pool with a 6-foot depth will cost you between $30,000 and $40,000, depending on its complexity and access. A basic pool such as the plunge pool is the best option for providing this space.

Pool Accessories

Don’t forget about the space. And how you plan to maximize it. These are some things to consider before hiring a pool designer.

Pool Furniture

Sun lounges are a great way to unwind poolside. There are many options available. Consider the material you want to use and how it will relate to other products. Consider the location and the impact of weather on the longevity and materials of your sun loungers.

A relaxing outdoor sofa and table is a great option for entertainers. This is a must-have for entertainers!

Filter Boxes and Covers

Filtration equipment is not something that anyone likes to see. A filtration box is a great investment if you are unable to hide it from view on the side of your home. These can be made from time or pre-made in aluminium.

Storage Solutions

A storage box can be used as a secret place to store all your pool toys and cushions. These can be custom made or pre-made to fit your space.

Are you ready for your summer paradise?

Majestic Pools is ready to help you have summer fun. No matter what your needs, we’ll work with you to create the perfect landscape and pool package for you.

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